Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sushi Madness

Right no thanks to a certain bookworm (kidding kidding..) It's time for an update.. Since I've missed a day, it is hence Project 364 and the numbers would decrease accordingly.

I've initially planned for a Sushi King dinner with my sister tonight, in conjunction with the RM2 Sushi King Card Bonanza. Personally, I didn't thought of it as much of a hype, but tonight I was proven otherwise. Reaching the Tesco Klang branch 7PM sharp, the normally deserted shop was filled to the brim. People were queuing as if the sushi were distributed free.

So we headed back home for a bowl of Korean noodles, didn't want to queue for so long. I bet by the time we get inside, all that's left are the near rotten sushi :|

I'm sorry for absence of a picture, was reluctant to go closer and snap the sushi-happy people :/


Joanna said...

Wow, u're doing the Project 365 too? *inserts appropriately innocent expression here.

Yeap, the same scenario here couple of days back. Ppl were lining up and I thought "Free sushi?" until I heard these aunties going "RM2 ONLY!!"... sigh..M'sians + food..

Zhen Yuan said...

Yea, something like that :O
Ish, pura-pura innocent lagi.. *grumbles*

I didn't know Ipoh has Sushi King.. haha *runs*

But yeah, on a side note.. RM2 also not considered really cheap ler, considering they only place cheaper sushi on the belt during the 3 days promo.