Saturday, April 23, 2005

Error #11

So I've actually decided to make my posts "weekly" instead of "daily" since I can't actually come into my blogger's control panel to post entries, (as i've told you guys before I get some kinda Internal Error thing whenever i visited so I had to do it in a nearby cyber-cafe :/ Oh well, I've made the payments for my course in TAR cleared last Monday, and I wasn't really surprised at the fact that TAR looked almost identical to my secondary school! (Imagine a larger version of ACS, but not that much of historical since it was only build back in 1969). I've managed to book a spot in the hostel as well, and managed to be among to get the last 16 spots still available. I'll have to check-in on the 13th of May, to collect the keys to the hostel room, and the course(Diploma in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering) commences on 25th of May after the Mass Call session. The day went as usual on Tuesday, and went to KL on Wednesday. Actually the real reason why I went to KL was to meet Quek at TAR to discuss what course he'd take, and eventually went to KLCC later to hang out. Chen Hau and Syahbuddin tagged along, had our lunch there and stuff. Visited Kinokuniya once again after such a long while, (I wasn't fond of KLCC, pricey stuffs everywhere!) and got myself the fourth book written by Dan Brown, Deception Point along with Kinokuniya's "Gems of the Month" Out by Natsuo Kirino for a 25% discount :P Later went on to Starbucks and chatted for hours, rofl. Made a move home after that since it was already like 8.30 PM went we finally decided to leave our chairs. Parted with Quek at the stop in Masjid Jamek, since he needed to switch LRTs to get back to Cempaka.
Took our dinner/supper at a mamak stall nearby the Teluk Pulai's train station, it was already around 10.15 PM that time, and once we've finished, it was already 11.00 PM. We headed straight home after that. Spent my time reading both of the novels on Thursday and Friday, and did my usual routine of downloading animes and leaving the PC on for hours, and to those anime freaks who's spending their time reading this entry should really try downloading Tsubasa Chronicle, MAR, and Ichigo 100% using the great service provided by
Went to Public Bank Finance in Port Klang earlier today to make an ATM card, just to find out that I wasn't eligible for the card, since i'm not yet 18. Guess i'd have to wait till November next year and use the BSN Matrix's card first (hopefully i'd function as a Bank Card or i'm screwed when i need more cash during my college days). Well I guess that's it, signing off for now.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Error #10

A very much normal Friday, with a very unexpected visit from an old friend, (while I was doing a Smallville-marathon) who wants to learn how to use and download torrent files (which I suggested him using and bittornado), lmao :p Also received my offer letter from TAR (Materials and Manufacturing Engineering). Went to a nearby mamak store later that evening, part of the normal routine. Came back and finish watching those Smallville episodes I've downloaded, and took dinner. Clarence called for another mamak session at 8, since he's gonna drive me there so I figured why not? He arrived at my doorstop right on time with Chen Hau(ah beng) in the front sit. We reached there kinda early since others have yet to arrive (practically sat and waited until of 'em arrive). Stayed and chatted there with a couple of other friends (Way Wen, Doou Han and Kok Chong) for about 1 1/2 hours before we decided to join Alvin and Chin Thiam at Lotus. Headed home after that, and did something I was planning to do since yesterday, which was getting Extensions for my Mozilla Firefox browser, (such as mouse gestures, an integrated media player, integrated Gmail notifier, bandwith tester, and an auto-copy feature that copies selected text to the clipboard automaticaly). Actually I never knew they actually existed, though I've been using Firefox for such a period of time already, even before it got famous and was recommended everywhere (provided a thumbnail below for viewing purposes) :P Done customizing my favourite browser, so I'm off to bed. Signing off for now.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Error #9

Wow, looks like it's been a long interval since I've last created a post (some internal error thing whenever I tried using Firefox to open, weird thing). Nothing much lately, TAR finally responded, and offered me a Diploma course titled Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. Well, at the very least it's better than Bachelors in Computer engineering, to me of course. Time's running very short to think what i'm gonna pursue. Downloaded a bundle of stuffs using the great service provided by, mainly Smallville and Charmed episodes I've missed after my previous harddisk got corrupted. MSN's getting into my nerves again, with it's usual errors. So I guess I'll give it a break, signing off for now.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Error #8

Somehow my previous Error #8 didn't made it through, wonder why, must've been a strange error or something. Ah, well anyways, it's been sometime already since I made an entry, real busy with life but mainly due to the fact my Streamyx is down due to it's usual routine of going down for an unknown reason (called Telekom's Technical Services Dept. earlier today and found out the technician would only come to check it out in approximately 3 days *raises the third finger*), so I've been using 56gay(k) to surf, totally sad isn't it? Well, anyways, went to Midvalley a few days ago to get my digicam a silicon 15" LCD screen protector, which ate my 20 bucks away without any warning (it costed about RM 60 before, wtf?). Checked out the status of a few colleges which I applied, and it turned out that MMU offered a course in Foundation in Information Technology and UTAR offered a course in Certificate of Pre-University Studies leading to Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Computer Engineering, in real dilemma right now :x Andrew's craving for a PDA, and it seems he's targetting Dell's X50V, which retails RM 1,500 at a promotional price. Rich kid, rofl. Oh wait, the offer was due to last month! Which literally made him even richer buying it right now :p Collected my BSN Matrix ATM card that I've applied today afternoon, and I found out that I could also use the card as a credit card at anywhere with a Visa Electron logo! *sneers*
Guess what? Yeo Boon Tao has a blog! What? I added his link however, though i figured his blog wouldn't last a month, lmao. Devil May Cry 3 was harder than I thought :/
I guess that's it, signing off for now.