Sunday, July 24, 2005

Error #13

Harry Potter 6 Spoilers Post - Beware! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK!

Waking up at 6 last Saturday, just to get an early copy of the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series and I got, ...
Disappointment, letdown, unfufillment. All these words basically sum up the penultimate Harry Potter book.
I honestly don't know what happened when JK Rowling wrote this book, she just screwed up. It just didn't sound like Harry Potter. It sounded like Rowling just took a bunch of fan fictions off the Internet and stuck them together. I wonder how much she paid those innocent 13 year old fans? Perhaps a hundred bucks each?
I don't know why she put in endless scenes of romance! Since when did the characters, such as Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione, ever become interested in "snogging"? I know they are growing up and all, but is it really that necessary? There is a line drawn to show when you've gone too far with all the love junk. I think Rowling COMPLETELY crossed that line.
"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". R-right.. It should be called "Harry Potter and the Year of Never Ending Snogging". JK Rowling simply just didn't put enough detail into the Half Blood Prince. In Chapter 28, Flight Of The Prince, Snape just popped up out of nowhere saying "Hello? I am the Half Bloody Prince!" Then that was that. Nothing else was put in to elaborate on that. How sad. It barely had no plot. Dumbledore died for nothing, (well unless you count the pasar malam locket he found with an old note by R.A.B, whoever's that)
For all the people out there reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and saying it is the best book ever, I honestly don't know what book you are talking about! Worst of all,
PS. I am all over 'bout Harry Potter and I am very horrified at myself for writing such a whacked review, still hoping that somehow this book was actually a prank that JK Rowling put on all of us, and the real book would be released soon enough. Anyway, it's about 3 years before the next and the final book, and I can HARDLY wait. Signing off for now.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Error #12

Guess what? I checked the PLKN list for the 2005/06 intake and found out my name was there, glowing, in black. w00t. Since I wouldn't want to stop my studies just for this three months thing, I'll have to postpone it, to like, 5 years or something? Wow, would be freakin' old by that time ;|
Anyway, KINGDOM HEARTS 2 is finally going to be released this month! I've waited only too long for this specific game, makes me feel glad I still haven't sold my PS2 or somethin', but on the other hand, I'VE STARTED COLLEGE for heaven's sake! I've got no time and opportunity to play at all, being away from home and all, well.. probably only for the weekdays, tough luck. Harry Potter's coming out this month too, which is also cool, except I forgot to pre-order it this time. I'll be facing mid-term examinations this month as well, in the coming weeks, including my belt-upgrading test for taekwondo (white -> yellow, lmao). So wish me luck! Life's been real good over here, totally unexpected, considering I found "crappin' kakis" here as well, and to those who still don't know what I'm doing in TARC right now, (due to my lack of updates, I know) I'm currently doing Diploma in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering :) That's enough crappin' to keep ya guys updated, (no thanks to those SPAMMERS) I gotta go, class's at 9 tomorrow, g'night and peace out.