Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Error #31

PC broke down yesterday, freakin operating system failed to load o.O repairing the OS doesn't work, so the only freakin solution? reformatting the damn harddisk =( thus, my collections of anime, games, installation files and all sort of documents went -blank- So some of you might say, doesn't matter, he could always redownload everything back.. but that's the problem now, I couldnt. Freakin streamyx's doing something to the ports that are used by torrents, from what I've read from and I'm not even sure if my firewall is the real culprit. I already forwarded the ports, but nothing.. NOTHING seems to work, at all! I even tried different BT clients.. same shit. So I eventually gave up, everything's downloading at 1-5kb/s now, damnit. Dattebayo released a speedsub of Bleach Epi. 70 earlier today, which I normally could download at speeds above 50kb/s at least, is going at mere 9kb/s, which Im already pretty much grateful. /rant