Friday, April 17, 2009

Shietmyx Rants

After of what seems like ages of endless connecting and reconnecting to Shietmyx, I gave up!! I just accepted whichever IP address they threw at me. I've known for sometime now, that certain IP address provide better speeds than others depending on the area. Been testing several IP adds now, and nothing seems to work within the range of 60.5X.X.X.

Damnit, been a loyal customer to them for over 5 years now, and this is how they repay with 'extra' gratitude *rants* I mean, what's up with 5.5 kb/s direct downloads? I really understand if they were capping torrents or other P2P clients, but come on! I remembered downloading at reasonable speeds even with the 512 kb/s package. Those were the days, being among the first few subscribers in my residential area. Despite having the 1024 kb/s package now, those speeds seemed impossible. I thought technology was supposed to move forward, speeding things up as they go. What on earth is happening?

On the other note, visited Sushi King again today for lunch with the sis and dad. Since Yeo Sr. tagged this time around, I didn't have to touch my wallet at all :D

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