Thursday, October 05, 2006


So.. havin my semester break again, marks the end of my fourth semester. Did an 'okay' for the papers. Went sunway lagoon soon the day after the exam ended, pics uploaded at friendster :P Anyways, back to my borin' lifestyle in Klang (yum cha sessions, cyber-cafes, any sorta pc games etc...).. except! i finally get to learn drivin, for my 'P' license (got my L last two sem breaks). So i went few hours of trainin during last few weeks, and after 8 hours of lessons, today i finally went to the main driving centre somewhere in Kapar for what i assume would the last practice for those 3 stuffs (hill, 3-pointer, reverse/parallel parking) apart from driving at the highway. So i suppose i got the hang of it after almost 2 hours of 'intense' training (dude, the wheather was blazin' hot!) and im scheduled for a full highway lesson 8.30am tomorrow *sigh*. So back to the lessons i had today, during the hill or what you peeps might know as 'bukit', i saw something which somehow amuses me (being nub and all..) this damn lorry was doing the hill thing as well. So i went :woot: :lmfao: .. i didnt knew such thing could climb such slope. And so i took out my phone, and snapped the moment the damn lorry "reversed" backwards :lol: :lol: :P out of the driver's noob'ness.

oh yup, the instructor then told me the pra-ujian [QTI], (don't ask me what on earth it stands for) would be on next tuesday, and i was like "oh boleh-boleh" and then he went "Ujian JPJ pada Isnin dua minggu akan datang".. in disbelief, i asked like a fool.. "16 haribulan ker?" After he nodded his head, the horror strucked my sorry ass. That's the date my fifth semester's gonna start. Fated? I dont know, but im very sure i cant miss the first day out of all days during a semester. Ill figure somethin out..somehow. Damn it.