Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Right, been awhile since I posted anything. Been busy lately, although it's actually my semester break right now. I'm somehow in charge of welcoming the new freshmen into my course during the mass call. Preparing an orientation booklet ain't easy, making a new society t-shirt is another matter. To add up the spice, not many of the committee members are that committed anyway. Throughout the last semester, which is the third.. was hardly in any mood to post anything. I had to sit for 3 maths paper one shot, all because of my ignorance on that particular subject during my first two semesters..making me fail the first two maths papers =/ So somehow i could cope up with those, HOPEFULLY i could pass all of em before going into the second year.. *fingers crossed*. Nothing much i guess, had a few hangouts with old friends, bought a new bag(woohoo), an external harddisk during the last PC fair, few *ehempiratedehem* softwares(Autodesk AutoCAD 2007, Visual Studio 2005). Added and updated a few links on this page today, so check 'em out =P I'll have to make an early return to the college the day after tomorrow, gotta attend some kinda early rehersals for the orientation day, which falls on 22nd. I seriously gotta take a break after all of these.. >=)