Friday, May 08, 2009

The Massacre

I've been real lazy lately. Do pardon my ignorance :P

Not in a good mood at all today. After a month and 6 days, my C905 finally succumbed to the infamous earpiece problem. Couldn't listen to any sound nor voice from an incoming call earlier this morning. Sigh, was slightly excited for a moment there thinking that my toy developed a noise-cancellation ability. Apparently not. 30 seconds later I knew these 2 pieces got busted.

* bows head for a minute of silence *

I've already known this is an uncommon problem among earlier batches of this model, notably those produced prior to the Week 48 of 2008. Heck, mine's from an 09 production batch!

* . . . *

Alright, before being blamed for blatantly purchasing a toy with a history of known illnesses, I seriously took the effort of reading various forums and reviews okay?! In addition to that, I've also spent time watching streaming video reviews. (time that should very well be used for studying EC *guilty*)

Handed the toy to the service center in The Gardens, third floor. According to the salesperson in-charge, it'll take them at least a week to repair. It's not as if I'm complaining at all the repair is gonna be free due to the warranty. I just hate the fact that my precious is gonna be massacred.

* Tries hard to neglect thoughts of particle entrapment within the screen *

Sigh. Oh well, it looks like it's a vacation for two with my long abandoned W800i. On a side note, probably it's a blessing in disguise. Couldn't imagine this shit happens during my time in UK. I'd be helpless with my Malaysian warranty.

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